Spectrum Dance Theater, Sidra Bell Dance NY

Spectrum Dance Theater was founded by Seattle dancers in 1982 to make dance more accessible to diverse communities. Under Donald Byrd’s visionary artistic leadership since 2002, Spectrum has transformed into a company of regional and national significance, igniting audiences through Byrd’s ambitious artistic agenda, whose appetite to explore the arts knows no boundaries. The dancers of Spectrum Dance Theater are a small, select group of unique dance artists from around the globe, individually chosen and trained in Mr. Byrd’s singular approach to dance/theater – physically demanding and emotionally charged. The company has produced thrilling and challenging works in contemporary dance to critical acclaim. Donald Byrd achieved international visibility for the creation of his Harlem Nutcracker and for his Tony-nominated choreography for the Broadway smash, The Color Purple. No less ambitious in the 21st century, Byrd leads the company through programming themes that give audiences insight into his far-ranging artistic ambition. http://spectrumdance.org/

Sidra Bell Dance New York, is a boutique company of prolific movement artists based in New York City that presents innovative, kinetic, and provocative dance theater works. It has continually presented progressive, highly designed, cinematic, glamorous, and elaborate full-scale productions to sold-out audiences. Bell is a sought after voice in contemporary dance with a strong female vision creating works that ignite the imagination and explore the psyche. The repertoire is unusual, haunting, emotionally transporting, articulate, sensual, and highly physical. The work has become known for an atmospheric, unconventional, and spectacular quality that pushes past traditional boundaries. The company synthesizes the worlds of design, media, fashion, and spectatorship. THINK.FEEL.PLAY.EXPERIENCE. http://www.sidrabelldanceny.org