Mobile Mondays LIVE – The Salsoul Edition featuring Joe Bataan, First Choice, Double Exposure, Instant Funk, Ladies of Skyy, Carol Williams

Mobile Mondays! & Salsoul Records have partnered to bring you a classic NYC Dance Experience. Mobile Mondays! is the premier all 45’s vinyl night & music movement with a Mission to Save the Music, Preserve DJ Culture & Bring Back the Vibe & Soul of NYC. Originating in 1974 – NYC based Salsoul Records – named by Joe Bataan for his love of Salsa & Soul Music – is one of the most influential record companies in the disco era that has shaped the dance music industry for the last 40 years. Salsoul classics like – “My Love is Free”, “Let No Man Put Asunder”, “Call Me”, “Got My Mind Made up” helped shape today’s dance music & still control dance floors to this day. The show will feature The MM All Star DJ’s, Operator Emz, Joey Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, Misbehaviour, $$$Mike. The event will be hosted by MM Hosts Miss Rebecca & Snkr Joe & Salsoul Records Label Manager, Rachael Hardway. Mobile Mondays! takes place every Monday 10pm at The Bowery Electric & gives music lovers a chance to go back to the New York City they love best; when records were events, the DJ was on the pulpit and the dance floor was epic.
Joe Bataan, the “King of Latin Soul,” helped coin the phrase “Salsoul” in 1974 lending the name to his first album. Bataan was influenced by two musical styles: the Latin boogaloo and African American doo-wop. Bataan recorded three albums and several singles for Salsoul Records and the Latin subdivision of Salsoul Records, Salsoul Leyendas. Titles include SalSoul, Rap-O-Clap-O, Joe Bataan II, Afrofilipino and a new compilation of his greatest hits titled Tropical Classics: Joe Bataan, which features the early 1979 hip-hop hit “Rap-O-Clap-O” and additional classic titles he performed for the Salsoul Leyendas label.
The three-piece female disco group First Choice was influential to early house music and the Salsoul Records movement. Their tracks “Let No Man Put Asunder” and “Dr. Love” are two of the most sampled tracks from the Salsoul catalog. Original group members Ursula Herring & Annette Hardeman will be joined on stage by disco artist Wardell Piper (“Super Sweet”) for their performance.
Double Exposure is one of the most prominent American-Disco groups of the Salsoul era known as the first group to release the 12-inch single. Their 1976 album chart-topping album Ten Percent featured a pair of major club hits including “Ten Percent” and “My Love is Free.” Members James Williams, Joseph Harris, Charles Whittington & Leonard “Butch” Davis are actively touring and making music to this day.
Instant Funk burst onto the ’70s disco scene with the million-selling single “I Got My Mind Made Up” and their Gold album Instant Funk. Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan and engineer Bob Blank’s 1979 remix of “I Got My Mind Made Up” quickly flooded dance floors across the country. The band started out with the core lineup of bassist Raymond Earl, drummer Scotty Miller, and guitarist Kim Miller and later expanded to include additional members.
Skyy enjoyed worldwide success with their distinctive blend of sassy vocals, funky bass lines and thumping guitar licks. The Ladies of Skyy, Denise, Delores and Bonny are best known for their release of the Skyy Line album in late 1981. Their hit song “Call Me” became the first #1 R&B hit followed by their 1984 release of Inner City.
At a time when disco was still breaking into the mainstream, Carol Williams was one of the few female vocalists in the genre to hold stake in other creative elements of her craft besides singing. Working with producer Vincent Montana Jr., she not only selected a good share of material for her Salsoul debut album, ‘Lectric Lady, but also co-wrote three selections and acted as co-publisher. ‘Lectric Lady was released in 1977 and featured hits such as “Come Back” and “Love Is You.”