Kombilesa Mi

Today at L@TA we’re bringing Kombilesa Mi and their electrifying fusion of Palenquero music and urban rap to Dumbo all the way from Colombia! Plus, the Puppetsburg ladies take us on a puppet-filled exploration of pop music, and Joshua Reynolds brings his DUMBO-inspired photography to the Gallery.

Live at the Archway is DUMBO’s signature series: featuring dynamic musical performances + spectacle opening acts for kids & kidults + a pop-up art gallery + interactive art experiences, in a magical, only-in-DUMBO setting. Always free, all ages, + rain or shine.

Hailing from Palenque, Colombia, the first free black town in the Americas, the hip-hop group Kombilesa Mi overlays traditional Colombian rhythms and instruments with lyrics in both Spanish and the local language, Palenquero. The result is an electrifying fusion of Palenquero music and urban rap. Proud of their heritage and passionate about music, Kombilesa Mi (Palenquero for “my friends”) represents the voice of a new generation of Colombian musicians.