From Below, Bridges

From Below is a rock ‘n roll band based in New York City.Based on the idea that there are irrevocable and unspoken forces within us just waiting to be given a voice, From Below uses churning rhythms, wailing guitar, and arresting yet melodic vocals to illuminate the landscape of the primal unconscious.

Anthony Farina is a singer-songwriter/guitarist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Once immersed in the heavy rock, post-hardcore scene, Anthony has set aside the angsty rock outfit for a more mellowed and vulnerable songwriting approach. With a range of influences, his DEBUT EP The Color Wheel is due out in the Fall of 2014 and explores many stylings of alternative songwriting. Whether it’s the title track and opener The Color Wheel exuding a classic rock, almost jam-band feel, the heavy guitar and drum driven rock song Greener Days, or the bluesy ballad Oceanspeak, The Color Wheel exudes a diverse collection of songs while remaining very cohesive.

Anthony will host a record release show this Fall in NYC and plans to follow up with acoustic performances along the east coast this coming winter.