What Tyrants, Sleepy Kitty, Hockey Dad

What Tyrants
What Tyrants are on a mission to pack as much relentlessly paced riffage into their 13-track debut album as humanly possible. And they succeed wildly in doing so. The power trio, made up of brothers Sean and Kyle Schultz and Garrison Grouse, have distilled touchstones from noise pop, post-punk, and surf into short, fuzzed-out sonic outbursts, freakouts that go down easy and beg repeating.

Sleepy Kitty
Taking cues from Pavement to Godard, Sleepy Kitty are equal parts art-school weird and erratic garage-punk like if The White Stripes listened to a little more Tin Pan Alley.

Hockey Dad
Hockey Dad consists of two childhood sweethearts who became best mates at the tender age of four. Fast forward a few years (about 14) and the boys are ready to share their love of the ocean and sixties garage across the country… as long as there’s a beach.