The Hubble Cantata, Tigue

World Premiere

The unique and ravishingly beautiful THE HUBBLE CANTATA combines music, electronics, filmed sequences with rarely seen photographs and footage from the Hubble telescope, and sung poetic movements to transport the audience to the far reaches of the cosmos. A portion of the work, which is composed by Paola Prestini and features film by Eliza McNitt, is designed to be viewed in virtual reality–VR headsets will be given out on site. The stunning visuals, combined with performances by Nathan Gunn, Jessica Rivera, the Norwegian orchestra 1B1, and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, will make for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The innovative trio TIGUE opens: half new music ensemble, half art-rock band, they unite a homegrown ethos and conservatory precision to create something magical. The group’s debut album Peaks (New Amsterdam Records, 2015) is “an imaginative, distinctive, hypnotic yet kinetic blend of indie classical, minimalism, post-rock and drone music.” (New York Music Daily).

The Hubble Cantata:
Nathan Gunn and Jessica Rivera
1B1 and Brooklyn Youth Chorus
Music by Paola Prestini
Libretto by Royce Vavrek
Film by Eliza McNitt
Conductor Julian Wachner
Astrophysicist and Advisor Dr. Mario Livio
Virtual Reality by Virtualize

Produced by VisionIntoArt & National Sawdust
Produced in association with Beth Morrison Projects
Commissioned by VisionIntoArt
Original commission by Bay Chamber Concerts for A New Frontier 2013