Tango at the Archway with Stratos y el Trio de Arrabal

Stratos Achlatis studied vocal performance at the Institute of Vocal Arts and Research under the supervision of the renowned baritone Spyros Sakkas. In 2008 he moves to Munich to study Art Song and Oratorium with German Bass Hartmut Elbert and since 2010 with the American Bass-Baritone Peter Ludwig. He has performed for the Contemporary Opera of Athens (2007-2008), for the Theater and in numerous concerts in Europe and the US. Stratos was the founder of the children’s theatrical company “Paigniodos” and has recorded various songbooks for kids. In 2010 he moved to New York where he founded his tango band Tango Meditarraneo and lately Trio de Arrabal and has collaborated with various artists as Emilio Solla, Octavio Brunetti, Maurizio Najt, Rodolfo Zanetti, Federico Diaz, Machico Ozawa, Costas Baltazanis, Petros Klampanis, Katerina Foteinaki and many more.

Stratos y el Trio de Arrabal:
Rodolfo Zanetti: Bandoneon
Federico Diaz: Guitar
Pablo Lanouguere: Double-Bass
Stratos Achlatis: Vocals

Adam and Ciko are unique to the North American tango scene, and have had the opportunity to study with teachers from all over the world with very different ideologies, which has fostered their own approach to dance and dance instruction. Their style is defined by its sensuality, musicality and creative playfulness. As teachers, they transmit their mastery of the complex concepts of tango while retaining their innate humor and humility.