Surprise Headliner, Nilüfer Yanya

The London born and raised prodigy NILÜFER YANYA, still in her early 20s, is one of the most exciting and unusual artists to arrive in the pop world this decade. After three EPs, the first released while she was a teenager, she dropped her first album Miss Universe in 2019 and critics have been lining up to put it on their best-of-the-year lists. Pitchfork gave it an astonishing 8.3, noting that “the rapturous debut from the British singer-songwriter takes adventurous pop-rock crucibles to new heights with her illusory songwriting and stunning voice.” Stereogum called her voice “malleable and endlessly expressive.” Paste gushed, “with an album that borders on soul, pop, jazz, and rock, Yanya is far too preoccupied with her inner demons and unique artistry to quibble over what one particular genre her music most closely resembles.”

Yanya is clearly on her way to headlining big stages, but she opens this show—check back soon to see who the surprise headliner is!