Subway Series: Chris Hemingway, Eganam Segbefia, Scott Stenten

Subway Series is the fall season of Trinity’s free Concerts at One program, featuring talented NYC subway musicians. Come in person or tune in via webcast to be treated to the original voices of local singer/songwriters, bluegrass bands that put their own twist on the genre, a beatboxer with a surprising array of talents, and more.

Hosted by NOVUS NY violist Nathan Schram

Chris Hemingway, Saxophone
Born in Florence, SC, Chris Hemingway’s natural fluency in both classical and jazz styles separates him from most chamber musicians. He performs regularly with Azucar Pittsburgh’s Premier salsa band, the Roger Humphries Big Band, the Al Dowe Quintet, and with New York City jazz trumpeter Sean Jones, who has just recently released his first solo recording. At the young age of 21, Hemingway was a concerto soloist with the Pittsburgh Symphony.

Eganam Segbefia, Trumpet
Eganam Segbefia began performing his trumpet in the subway to earn enough money to pay off a parking ticket. He now gets up every morning at 4:30am to play classical trumpet pieces (a favorite is Flight of the Bumblebee) for commuters at Grand Central Station. Originally from Ghana, he has been featured on WQXR, which is producing his new album. He was recently accepted into the Manhattan School of Music.

Scott Stenten, Double-Necked Guitar
Scott Stenten guitarist, singer and entrepreneur based in New York City, is recognized as a pioneering guitarist for his percussive “tapping” playing style which consists of a variety of influences ranging from jazz, rock, and R&B. His flamboyant choice of instrument is a custom made double neck guitar.