Slavic Soul Party!

The nine-member funk band Slavic Soul Party! raises the roof with “some of the most danceable Balkan-flavored pop this side of the Adriatic” (Global Rhythm). The group’s exotic blend of brass, accordion, and percussion drives pulsing grooves that are inspired by European, Mexican, and Asian influences, as well as American jazz and soul. This joyous, high-energy concert is part of Brooklyn Museum’s Target First Saturdays.


  • Slavic Soul Party!
  • ·· Peter Stan, Accordion
  • ·· Peter Hess, Clarinet and Saxophone
  • ·· John Carlson, Trumpet
  • ·· Kenny Warren, Trumpet
  • ·· Tim Vaughn, Trombone
  • ·· Adam Dotson, Trombone
  • ·· John Altieri, Tuba
  • ·· Jake Shandling, Snare Drum
  • ·· Matt Moran, Bass Drum