Raccoon Fighter, Best Behavior, Monograms, Mustardmind

Raccoon Fighters gravel-edged garage/ blues songs evoke sonic imagines of such latter day mavericks as T-Rex and Link Wray coupled with a more modern day rock n roll bravado, the likes of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Greenhornes. However you choose to define their jaw-dropping, physical assault on the senses, Raccoon Fighters music is captivating. Described as “Brooklyn’s latest top-shelf indie export” – (Chaos Magazine), these quick-witted gents are “the thinking mans Stooges” whose dark and frenetic nature was galvanized by early singles like, “South Parlouritta” and “Butcherette” with its brazen tales of abortion, lost love and general relationship skullduggery.

Their new album, ZIL, released October 1, 2013 continues on this raucous path, but has evolved into a more expansive sound. Recorded in Upstate New York and mixed at the renowned Magic Shop in NYC their dirty, gritty auditory diatribe is still apparent, but is now matched with colorful harmonies and pulsing melodies; Marc Bolan would be licking their lips with envy. Nylon magazine recently tipped ZIL, saying it “should really be the soundtrack to the final season of “Breaking Bad”. As the taste makers at Brooklyn Ski Club wrote, “Mark my words, you hear it here first, etc: You will be a fan of this band in the very near future”

Best Behavior
Inspired by a breakup and a not-so-sunny cosmic prediction delivered by an astrologer, the songs on its debut release, Good Luck Bad Karma were written in under a month by Best Behavior’s Alex Gruenburg, who went on to play and sing every part on the album himself. Reverb-soaked guitars are paired with playful vocal melodies and an infectious raw energy, resulting in the kind of summery, upbeat songs that will appeal to fans of Best Coast and Wavves.
Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, Monograms, fuses elements of garage & indie rock with new-wave psych sounds and driving drum beats. Sonic elements of lucid rhythms, melodic songwriting and surfy guitar riffs point Monograms’ references at the underbelly of previous decades in DIY and college radio, as well as contemporary lo-fi vibes that pull from similar genres:

Monograms is Brooklyn’s New-Wave-Garage-Psych. A Digital Rock. A Vintage Future.

Mustardmind is an NYC-based band formed in February 2015. Although conceived in just the last year, the band has become known for their experimental, atmospheric sound with pop-rock sensibility. With a heavy focus on their live show, Mustardmind makes sure to produce a unique experience at every performance.