Quilt, Monograms, King Cyst



“QUILT: When kids from the 80s dreamed about people from the 60s thinking about life in the future.”— Primordial Sounds

Q:”If this record could be made into actual quilt, what do you imagine it would look like?”
A: “Some mid size matchsticks, trapper keepers, a handful of spaghetti, two dogs, christmas in july, one small flower, footprints in the mulch pile, little kids with good cassette collections, tea that tastes like cigarettes, new shoes, old blues tunes, wild salmon singing in the wind, nightlights in the daytime, a spinach, a wish, a time before land, a sign in the sand, and all this together breathing under the highways.”

“Either they replicate specific moments in the history of 20th-century American music that we cannot concretely pin down, or they are designed to reflect a set of unwritten expectations and parameters”- Pitchfork

“Quilt are from Boston and they sound appropriately collegiate, like they learned all their harmonizing from the Harvard a cappella group.”- The Fader

“Kind of woodsy but more colourful and tripped out on the neo-mystical vibbraaationssss.”- RoseQuartz

“Three part harmonies, drunken melodies”- Impose Magazine

“Bearers of God’s personal shamble-pop dripped all the way from heaven…”-Bodies of Water

“Luminous, unfiltered, haunting psych-folk that teeters among three dangerously creative minds” – Boston Phoenix