Love as Laughter, New Modern Nails, Dead Painters, Water

Love As Laughter has been a ‘band’ since Sam Jayne was in Lync (Olympia, Wa) which was on K records and toured around a bit in 1992-94. During that time Sam and James from Lync made a record with Beck called ‘One Foot in the Grave’ which lead to supporting on Beck’s ‘Loser’ tour. Jayne was making homemade cassettes of songs for friends under the moniker Love As Laughter, and partially inspired by Beck continued both as a home recording project and band for two releases on K. Sam employed a rotating cast of friends for the Love As Laughter band and recorded three fuzzed out twisted garage (or basement) rock records for SUB POP. A few years later (2008) under the wing of friend and fan Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) LAL recorded a full scale multi – dollar rock record for Brock’s Glacial Pace imprint on Sony/ Epic called Holy, which met great reviews. Many years have passed and they been REAL GOOD. Love As Laughter has toured with the likes of Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr. , Modest Mouse, The Shins, Les Savy Fav, Holopaw, Arbouretum, and more. The continued existence of the band owes a lot to it’s fans (famous, infamous, and otherwise), and this explanation from Jayne – ‘The music i love has an attitude problem, imagination, a sense of humor, soul, problems, amateurish maneuvers, insanity… I hope Love As Laughter can be a consistent presence in trying to deliver that kind of music for a real long time’. It’s 2015, dude.