Look Vibrant, Surf Rock Is Dead, Buhu

Look Vibrant
Using unconventional arrangements and thoughtfully fashioned sonic maximalism to contrast their vulnerable lyrics and playful melodic sensibility, Look Vibrant create a cathartic listening experience reminiscent of youthful incertitude and boiling ambition. For live shows, Look Vibrant expands from a duo to a quintet, which adds to the group’s mountain of exuberance.

Surf Rock Is Dead
Originally hailing from Chicago and Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg–together Surf Rock is Dead–embody the beachiness of their namesake’s genre through a new wave filter. Praised by Noisey and EARMILK, the duo’s captivating live show is crashes over you in the best way possible.

Welcome to a hyper-fantastical reality born out of the sweet summer love between 80s babies and thrift store synth junkies. Carved from a bedrock of war drums by abnormal guitar melodies and textured with the digital impatience of Ableton, Austin, TX trio BUHU dare you to take the red pill and see what wonderland has to offer.