FunkFace is a five-piece rock band that’s been blazin’ the New York massive for 25 years. Make no mistake about it, they’ve been around the block, in your mom’s house and up the river and down many times over. Lead singer Luqman‘s vocal assault stirs the swarm, while the rhythm section Franky beans (bass), 40 oz Jeff (rhythm guitar), and Ramsey Jones (drums) stagger the senses, leaving Jerome Jordan (lead guitar) to ignite the hive into a heated frenzy. Hard rock will never be the same. This band’s sound has remnants of a punk age hard rock with a little twist of hip hop, soul and ska, creating a fusion some categorize as Soul Core. Referenced in many magazines as the hardest hitting band in the world, and featured in the documentary Afro Punk as leaders of the Black rock scene, FunkFace are well know around the world as true stage destroyers. Still the band’s genre-bending skills are evident in their multicultural look, and all the different experiences lead to many sounds that become one. FunkFace has toured and played with a number of notable bands such as: The Distillers, Rage against the Machine, Bad Brains, Tribe called Quest, Fishbone, and TV on the Radio. FunkFace is posed for the attack …no one will be spared.