Deep Roots of Rock and Roll, Musical Direction BY Toshi Reagon Black Rock Coalition Orchestra and Special Guests

Musical Direction & Design by: Toshi Reagon
Presented in association with the Black Rock Coalition
Featuring Toshi Reagon, Nona Hendryx, Carl Hancock-Rux, Corey Glover, Kat Dyson, Ganessa James, Robert Burke, Jeremy Mage, Karma Mayet Johnson,KimberlyNichole, Tamar-Kali, Mimi Jones, Juliette Jones, Adaku Utah, Marc Anthony Thompson, and V. Jeffrey Smith

The Black Rock Coalition Orchestra transports us back in time and into the future with a rousing homage to the pioneers, trailblazers, technicians, and instigators of the genre. Under the musical direction and design of Toshi Reagon, presented in two parts with an intermission, the monstrously talented members of this world-class band recreate the spark that blew minds and kindled an industry. Poet/performer Carl Hancock-Rux is your radio DJ for the afternoon, replicating rock’s transmission along and across racial, generational, and socioeconomic lines.