David Ellis Group, Jessica Ledbetter, The Man Himself

9 David Ellis Group
David Ellis rose from the decaying dreams of London’s spleen. Led by the mythical stories of ancient English folklore, he sought clarity within humanity’s malspirited culture. Ellis challenges the prevailing perspective towards the complexities of love and spirituality. Dressed in ambient melodies, Ellis’s words are tailored to mirror the honesty that hides in all of life’s conflicts and bids wholly in the sphere of romance. His quest for understanding resonates deep in the hearts of many. He currently resides in New York City.
10 Jessica Ledbetter
25 year old Texas transplant Jess Ledbetter stepped onto the New York music scene in 2010. A closet song writer since the age of 12, it was under the wing of Brit-pop enthusiasts The Dearloves that she began to identify her sonic desires. Fast-forward to present day, she stands as a PJ Harvey type and sounds like Patsy Cline got sweet on The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
11 The Man Himself
Swiss-born Brooklyn-based bastard child of Frank Black and Joan Baez, singing and songwriting most of the blues for some of the folks with one good friend helping out onstage.