Darren Keen “It’s Never Too Late To Say You’re Welcome” [Album Release Party], w/ Machine Girl, DJ Dojorok, Closeness

Darren Keen Is a one man beat wizard, who recently relocated from the cornfields of his native Omaha, Nebraska to the asphalt web of Brooklyn, New York. After 12 years of touring, over 1,600 shows, and releasing music in various projects, earlier this year Darren released a split EP with Machine Girl on Them Flavors. That split EP caught the ear of the Seclusiasis crew, all of who were especially impressed that this was Darren’s first foray into bass and footwork territory. Perhaps even more impressive was that Darren’s “Higher” was remixed by juke stalwart DJ Earl (Tek Life). The original “Higher” and three more distinctive up-tempo gems debut soon debut on Roland is My Co-Pilot.

Darren’s fresh sound has been gaining praise from Thump, XLR8R, Big Shot Magazine, FACT, among others, and with Roland, more is sure to follow. Seclusiasis is proud to release the debut from this up-and-coming producer.

“Insane footwork with eerie melodies, dark vibes and ridiculous variation” – Do Androids Dance

“Thump’s favorite shirtless beast drops a percussive, but meditative treatise on the tempo”

– Vice on ‘Diamond’ from Seclusiasis 160 Comp

Machine Girl was created in an underground labratory by a secret society of buried Atari video games. They swore vengance upon their creators and so they designed the ultimate weapon; Machine Girl. Machine Girl escaped when she was only 10 years old and lived among wolves for the next 12 years of her life. Eventually she realized her place was not among the wolves, but among human beings. She spent only a mere week in human society before realizing that the Atari Video Games were right. She found an abandoned circus tent with running power, plugged in a laptop with Ableton installed and declared war.