Experience The 2014 American Beatbox Championship for Free at Brooklyn Night Bazaar




October 11, 2014
7:00 pm 


Brooklyn Night Bazaar 
165 Banker Street
Brooklyn, NY 
All Ages 
Event Link 

Day two of the American Beatbox Championship is the 2V2 and Loopstation Battles. All free.

Presented by: World Beatbox Association, Shut Your Mouth & Beatbox, States of Beatbox & BeatboxTV

What is the American Beatbox Championship?

The American Beatbox Championship is a 16 person beatbox battle that determines the grand champion off the USA, the number one top ranked beatboxer in the USA! 8 of these competitors will be pre-chosen and invited based on their top 2 placing in the qualifying regional battles. The other 8 will be chosen after an open elimination round, live in California at the main event. The battle format of the American Championships is the same as the regional battle, except that there will be 16 competitors, adding a ‘Round of 16′ battle before the Quarter-Finals.

What are the Regional Beatbox Battles and their purpose?

These are four beatbox battles that will take place across the United States. There will be the ‘West Coast’ battle in Los Angeles, California in March, the ‘Down South’ battle in Atlanta, GA in April, an ‘East Coast’ battle in NYC in June, and the ‘Midwest’ Battle in Columbus, OH in August. Each regional battle will have eight competitors and three judges. Each regional battle will start with an ‘open elimination’ round, where each competitor will showcase their beatboxing for two to three minutes LIVE on stage (2 minimum, 3 maximum). These Winners of battles progressing through each ’round’, culminating in a final winner/’champion’. (Rounds are Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals). The TOP TWO finalists (1st & 2nd place) of EACH regional battle will be given an entry/invitation to be in the ‘pre-chosen’ TOP 8 in the 2014 American Beatbox Championships. For the regional battles, the Quarter-Final (top 8) and Semi-Final (top 4) are 1:30 each, and the Finals rounds (top 2) are 2:00 each.

Eligibility for entering regional battles:

Open Eliminations will be ALL AGES. Beatboxers can participate in ANY open elimination for ANY regional battle that they choose, regardless of where they live within the USA. However, once a beatboxer qualifies into the TOP 8 of any regional battle, they are not allowed to compete in any other regional battles/open eliminations, EXCEPT for the American Beatbox Championship open eliminations.

– See more at: https://www.nycfreeconcerts.com/events/the-2014-american-beatbox-championship/#sthash.iFv3USCj.dpuf