SummerStage: The Power of the Trinity

Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 8:00 PM

Central Park, New York, NY


Written By: Roland Wolf Directed By: Alfred Preisser Music By: Tomás Doncker

Live global-soul music sets the backdrop for SummerStage’s world premiere of The Power of the Trinity, a riveting, high-energy theatrical concert about Ethiopia’s last monarch, Emperor Haile Selassie and his unbreakable determination to save the kingdom from foreign invasion. The Power of the Trinity is a play written by the late New York playwright, Roland Wolf that examines the determination of one man to save a nation. King Haile Selassie (whose name translates to Power of the Holy Trinity) was the last of a 3000 year reign of monarchs in Ethiopia and is recognized as one of the first globally conscious African leaders of the 20th century. The production focuses on his leadership during Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia and Selassie’s riveting appeal for help from the League of Nations. Selassie’s famed speech on freedom and humanity ends with a haunting premonition of World War II, noting “It is Ethiopia today. It will be you tomorrow.” Using songs from Tomás Doncker’s album Power of the Trinity, which was inspired by the same events, sets the tone for a production colored with multiple personalities, at times introspective at times sobering but constantly inspiring and enduring. Doncker’s brand of global soul music flecked with R&B, jazz and funk influences breathes life into the story of a king who challenged the powers that be. Award winning director Alfred Preisser has developed an aggressive modernist interpretation for this production which will feature live dance, elevated text, a live and vibrant original score and full staging that explores the strength of Selassie and the people of Ethiopia.