Hudson River Rocks: Dan Deacon, John Maus, Roomrunner

Thursday, July 12, 2012, 6:30 PM

Hudson River Rocks – Pier 84

Hudson River Greenway at W 44th St.


Baltimore-based musician Dan Deacon is well known for his live shows with frenzied audiences feeding off looping music. His songs are intense and epic and at the same time down to earth and welcoming. Minnesota native John Maus taps into gothic ‘80s synth-pop sounds. Maus utilizes synthesizers, tensely strung bass lines and chasing drum machines as the backdrop for his deeply resonant reverb-drenched vocals.

Baltimore’s Roomrunner performs “bunge rock, avant chunch, grunge” music replete with fuzzy, noisy odes to the 90s. The band’s two EPs released this past year, are making Nirvana fans very happy.