SummerStage: Olu Dara

Wednesday July 28, 2010 7:00 PM

Queensbridge Park
Queens, NY

Olu Dara, veteran avant-garde player combines jazz, simple blues and Caribbean dance rhythms with his unique cornet and trumpet playing to depict stories about life’s simple joys.

Olu Dara Jones is an avant-garde jazz artist known for his eclectic mix of blues, reggae, Caribbean rhythms and funk that connects the dots between his small Mississippi rural hometown and modern urban life. His fusion of free-form jazz with deep blues creates a sound Rolling Stone has describes as a “kind of unpretentious cross-cultural hybrid that feels like real life… music powered by beating hearts and energized by radical collisions.” Dara’s vignette, “Jungle,” from his album In the World From Natchez to New York features his son, rapper Nas, and is a prime example of his ability to link African music with other genres, including hip-hop narratives.