Wednesday June 15 12:00 PM

Sound Bites @ Fulton Mall Market
South St New York, NY 10038

Ribbons are a trio of Brooklyn transplants from California who come forth with one of the most promising rock debuts I’ve heard in a long while. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Jenny Logan and drummer/backing vocalist Sam Roudman, they deliver the raw, stripped intensity of early Factory Records stalwarts like the Durutti Column and Joy Division while harnessing the propulsion, angularity, and energy of a group like Josef K. Though this sound has most certainly been re-examined by plenty of bands, it’s refreshing to hear Logan’s distinctly female take on what has always been a male-dominated style, both vocally and instrumentally. Roudman ends up being the secret weapon, though, keeping things interesting with his wild, propulsive, Keith Moon-meets-Stephen Morris style, while his roots playing in metal bands definitely shine through in his double-time bass drum attacks and odd, wailing vocal harmonies. Over the course of 35 minutes, the group play through variations on a theme, keeping the intensity high and the tension taut throughout. These two are worth keeping an eye on — definitely recommended!” -IQ, Other Music update, September 2008… Surprise Attacks is available on iTunes and Amazon, and at Other Music and Sound Fix.