Jbootie and the Deeps Seeds, Jacob Jeffries Band, Aaron N Brooke, The Peter Pinguid Society

jacob_jeffriesSaturday November 21 8:00 PM

Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jbootie and the Deeps Seeds 8:00 PM
I’ll be pick’n and belt’n out songs bout mountain top removal, keepn up with the jones’, farming, long good byes, love, and other reasons we look for release from our suffering at the bottom of beer mugs and the tops of mountains. While I won’t promise to save you from yourself, the feeling of knowing I’ve felt what you’ve felt will keep you warm on this cold winter night, so sit yourself by the fireside.

Jacob Jeffries Band 9:00 PM
“[one] of Miami’s best and most buzzed-about independent artists, singer-songwriters Jacob Jeffries” – Miami Herald

Aaron N Brooke 10:00 PM

The Peter Pinguid Society 11:00 PM
The Peter Pinguid Society is a loose association of body parts attempting to move in unison despite being a little too drunk. They tend to sing songs about girls and high school and the sea to chord progressions that are vaguely familiar. Basically, they’re Americans.