26th Annual Roots of American Music Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Summer Revue

saffireSunday August 23 2:00 PM

Lincoln Center Out of Doors
North Plaza/Hearst Plaza
Seating available in Barclays Capital Grove

Young women rockers from this non-profit music and mentoring program for girls present a concert of brand new, all-original songs that range from political satire numbers to irresistible pop masterpieces.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls is run by devoted staff and volunteers who believe passionately in the mission of the camp. They teach, coach, mentor, manage, direct, fund raise, plan programming, mentor, and so much more. Female instructors, coaches, band managers, and even the administrative team share their experience and skills in music with the students, campers, and interns who seek mentorship. Rock Camp staff and volunteers provide examples of leadership, team work and self-direction with the hope of giving back some of the encouragement and inspiration they receive from the Camp’s amazing students.