Sean Wood, Julia Weldon, Eleanor Dubinsky, Zane Alan

eleanorTuesday June 2 8:00 PM

Petes’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sean Wood 8PM

Julia Weldon 9PM
Julia is a brooklyn based guitarist/songwriter who likes rooftops and cornfields and all the people in between. she plays soft melancholic melodies as well as more percussive folk rock. her lyrically driven songs are conveyed through an open, honest, and raw voice, and heated guitar playing.

Eleanor Dubinsky 10PM
Viva la musica! Vive la difference! Eleanor (pictured) is a New York City based singer, composer, cellist and guitarist + dancer, choreographer and multimedia artist. viva video app Her soothing vocals and loungey grooves come in international flavors; she sings and writes in English, French, Spanish and Italian and performs locally and throughout the world. Eleanor’s influences are diverse, from the Brazilian Girls and Bebel Gilberto to Gillian Welch and Mazzy Star. Eleanor has lived in Prague, France and South America and comes from the corn rows of Missouri, USA. She will play songs from her debut EP “Us” and from her forthcoming album, due out in the fall of 2009.

Zane Alan 11PM
Singer/Songwriter From West Texas.