VJ Farkas

Farkas is a member of Glowing Bulbs visual artists group, that formed around the time of the turn of the Millennium, with the collective evolving from the vibrant underground techno scene of Budapest of that time. Over the past 16 years, the group has become an important part of the international visual scene, employing diverse techniques and media to create complex and coherent works. Treating light as a tool we fill spaces and surfaces with content. In the past years the group created numerous video mapping shows, panoramic projections, live VJ performances, music videos, short films as well as installations at festivals, in galleries and museums in the USA, Hungary and other European countries (Spain, France, UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia). Farkas has played a key role in both the technical and artistic development in many of these projects. Lately, as the electronic music scene of New York is reshaping, he has had numerous appearances as a VJ in clubs and warehouses, working with the VJs of the evolving scene.