To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant (Enameled with Countless Flowerings)

A Site-Specific Evening-Long Multicultural Performance Commemorating Juneteenth

Conceived, Curated, and Art Directed by Carl Hancock Rux

Featuring Performances by Aaron Diehl, Alicia Hall Moran, Martha Redbone, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber with special guests Vernon Reid & DJ Logic, Morley Kamen with music by Chris Bruce, and Ronald K. Brown / EVIDENCE Dance Theater

Costume and scenic designer: Dianne Smith

Curated, conceptualized, and executed by the singular creative force that is Carl Hancock Rux, To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant (Enameled with Countless Flowerings) is a multi-genre, experiential, full-campus celebration of the fight for a more free America on the eve of the 158th anniversary of Juneteenth Independence Day. This year’s work, inspired by the eponymous verse by Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões and Harriet Tubman’s self-described recurring dream, embraces the transformative intensity and power of both color and nature. Rux’s performance, featuring guest appearances by Alicia Hall Moran, Aaron Diehl, Martha Redbone, Morley and Chris Bruce, and Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber with special guests Vernon Reid & DJ Logic, will be presented amidst awnings of flowers across the space and a wave of petals atop the Hearst Plaza pool. The concert will blend traditional spiritual songs, European opera, and Scottish folk songs in an exploration of salvation through floral rapture.

Silent Disco: Let Freedom Dance
Hosted by Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

As part of the evening, the audience will witness modern dance by Ronald K. Brown’s EVIDENCE Dance Theater and are invited to join in for a Juneteenth dance party hosted by Reverend Dr. Jacqui Lewis of the East Village’s Middle Church and a Silent Disco of reimagined gospel music by DJ Rimarkable. Costumes, visual art and production design for this event are courtesy of the acclaimed installation artist Dianne Smith, with hair and makeup by Bernard Guiles.