THROW2CATCH, Loki Circus Theater

SummerStage Kids presented by Disney presents a special evening of Circus! Enjoy world class performers on stage as well as strolling performers are part of Circus to Go! by the Big Apple Circus, bringing family entertainment outside the tent.

Founded and under the direction or Samuel Roy and Nicolas Boivin Gravel, THROW2CATCH (T2C) produces contemporary circus performances and is based in Montreal, Canada. THROW2CATCH offers shows aimed at large public audiences, and provides creation and art direction for developing made to measure and original concepts for corporate and public events. T2C distinguishes itself through innovation and creativity of the performances, utilizing the circus arts with a unique and surprising originality. Samuel and Nicolas met in the 1990’s at the École de cirque de Verdun. Their artistic collaboration urged them to create a juggling act called THROW2CATCH. After attending the École Nationale de Cirque de Montréal, the duo presented their act around the world with major companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, Cavalia and the Arsenal Theater Company. The company have now 2 shows on the road. RESET presented in the venues all around the world and T3C.
Loki Circus Theater was founded by Susan Voyticky and Michelle Arvin to create innovative movement theater productions using a mixture of circus, physical theater and dance. Performances created with circus push audiences beyond the confines and limits of reality, in celebration of the infinite potential of the human being. The daring inherent in the expression of a circus artist is a call to our own individual audacity, an affirmation of rewards given to those who rise to the challenge of being human. Loki Circus Theater productions achieve this synthesis–combining the effect of circus with the affect of theatre.