The Orchestra Now: Free Concert in the East Village

This event is free, no tickets necessary. Please just RSVP, arrive, and take your seats! Seats are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Your RSVP does NOT guarantee admission.

  • Works by Sibelius, Gruber, and Haydn
  • Conducted by James Bagwell, associate conductor of The Orchestra Now
  • With Nathaniel Sullivanbaritone
    a winner of the Bard College Conservatory 2016 Concerto Competition

SibeliusValse Triste
“This reminds me of the ballroom scene from The Shining. It’s sentimental and dark with a sense of nostalgia which you can hear in the music: it sounds both far away and warm.” –Bonnie Heung, viola

Heinz Karl GruberFrankenstein!!
“What an exciting, wild, and incredibly entertaining experience! It grabbed me from the first moment.” –Zachary Silberschlag, trumpet

Haydn: Symphony No. 104, London
“I love Haydn. This symphony has playful and beautiful melodies, making it both tongue-in-cheek and sincerely intimate at the same time.” –Sasha Haft, flute