The Move with Donwill

Donwill is a Brooklyn based rap artist who has parlayed his passion for music and writing into a wide array of opportunities. He made his debut as a member of quizzically named rap group Tanya Morgan and has since garnered continuous critical acclaim with a string of impressive group and solo releases. A numerous list of stage performances has taken him far and wide on tours where he’s shared the stage with acts that have included the Roots, Souls of Mischief and De La Soul.

Prior to becoming a recording artist he was an 8th grade art teacher and education still plays an important role in his career. Donwill has used his talents as a writer and producer to lead workshops for organizations like Reel Works and Carnegie Hall as well. He is a regular contributor to Flocabulary’s Week In Rap series where he not only writes raps driven by the week’s news headlines but voices them as well.

Comedy is something he is passionate about as well and alongside Wyatt Cenac he co-hosts Shouting At The Screen, an interactive event based around blaxploiation cinema where the duo provides colorful commentary and encourages the crowd to chime in and play drinking games. Donwill is also the host of Bad With Names, a weekly podcast available on iTunes & Stitcher.