The Crookes, MONEY, Spring King, Longfellow

“And I suddenly have one of those moments of clarity where I think “music has brought me here.” If you’re gonna 
try, go all the way, you know?” Daniel Hopewell- Extracts From An American Tour Diary*
Since their inception during their Sheffield college years The Crookes have dedicated themselves 
to working hard, writing hard and touring even harder. Addicted to the Old School way of doing 
things, the band have recorded 3 full length albums, an 8 track ep and countless stand alone 7″ 
singles in their 6 year lifespan. They have travelled the globe from the North of England via 
Europe, Tokyo, the USA and beyond, finding their true soul reflected in the fellow outsiders and 
travellers they meet on their way. 
Recent release ‘SOAPBOX’ is their most soulfully honest creation to date. Recorded in the stark 
and absolute loneliness of an Italian mountainside church they revelled in the isolation and created 
a set of songs delivering their focussed and sharpened resolve to never give in.
“Something changed in us” they say. “We are no longer wide-eyed and naive, but we are more 
determined than ever. The world deals blow after blow until its final blow stops you caring … but 
still we care more than we ever have, we are still resolute in our belief.” SOAPBOX was made by 
hands calloused through hard work and an adherence to an old fashioned way of doing things. 
“The most obvious theme that runs through the entire album is the idea of The Outsider” frets 
guitarist and lyricist Daniel. “As a band that seems to suit us … never invited inside, but never 
wanting to be. I can empathise more with the madman standing on his soapbox, slowly gaining an 
audience by speaking with passion and honesty.”
The band have developed loyal and valued support from press, radio and online media around the 
world. BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq called them “one of the most hardworking and prolific bands of 
the underground.” Nylon Magazine labelled them “The potential leaders of England’s smart, taut 
“New-Pop” movement” and Popmatters simply insisted they make “near-perfect guitar pop”. They 
have played live sessions on BBC Radio stations 1,2,4,5 and 6 and in the US scooped a highly 
prized KEXP session on their first headline trip to the States. Other US sessions have come from 
KUTX and KCRW amongst others, culminating in Soapbox reaching #3 in the FMQB SubModern 
charts and the top 100 in the CMJ College radio chart.
Their fanbase, collectively known around the world as the Bright Young Things, has grown in 
number and devotion over a 6 year period of extensive touring as they often play over 200 shows a 
year. This work has culminated in sold out concerts around the world including Amsterdam’s 
Paradiso, London’s Scala and Popscene in San Francisco. They have completed countless tours 
across Europe and the UK selling thousands of concert tickets and they now have their sights truly 
set on the American dream. About to embark on their 2nd headline tour of the states in Fall 2014 
this band once again bring their vision to the road and to their cult following. Watch this space.