Slonk Donkerson, Junk Boys, Navy Gangs

“[Slonk Donkerson is] three smart-alecs recently busting out in the Brooklyn scene and while their hilarious name and penchant for 80’s hard-rock chugging distortion sometimes reads as downright silliness, their lyrics and song-writing reveal a deep complexity and certain intelligence…. It’s these deep emotions playing out behind funny allusions to Mary Hartmanand To Catch A Predator that perfectly encapsulate Slonk’s penchant for turning humor into a trojan horse full of real feels.” — Noisey

“Slonk Donkerson’s name screams apathy, but its hook-filled, fuzz-bathed indie-rock tunes—a good bet for Cloud Nothings fans—send a different message. There’s real promise in the band’s latest EP, Watching Every Channel at Once.” – Time Out New York