She’s a Rebel: The Girl Group Project

Featuring Nanette Licari (Reparata and The Delrons), Lillian Walker Moss(The Exciters), Louise Murray (The Hearts and The Jaynetts), Beverly Warren (The Raindrops), Margaret Ross Williams (The Cookies), and She’s a Rebel student participants.

Lincoln Center Out of Doors and Lincoln Center Education have collaborated on this unique community-based educational project that invited young women between the ages of 12 and 18 from all five boroughs of New York City to participate in an extended workshop focused on the essentials of harmony singing. Centering on the pop and doo wop songs of the early 1960s, participants also attended master classes taught by legendary singers who had their first hits when they were just the students’ ages. Now, you’ll get to hear the fruits of this effort, as these chart-certified stars and fresh new voices combine for a fun and moving intergenerational celebration of classic American song-styles.

Family Day is sponsored by Disney.