Semicircle, Ruby the Rabbitfoot, White Violet, Floating Action, DEGA, Anthony D’Amato

8PM SEMICIRCLE facebook | bandcamp
Semicircle is a band from Georgia. Spearheaded by the efforts of Andrew McFarland and Ryan Engelberger, the band was borne out of Andrew’s cassette project in Jan. 2010. Since then, Semicircle has taken many forms, from free-sound experiment, to solo singer/songwriter sets, to it’s new life as a full band.

8:45PM RUBY THE RABBITFOOT facebook | website
The group, led by songwriter Ruby Kendrick, established itself with the No Weight No Chain LP, a solid collection of folky pop tunes that showcased Kendrick’s airy sense of melody. Their full length debut New As Dew, released in early 2014, finds Kendrick to be a the top of her game – tugging at heartstrings with het piano work, keen lyrics and her a voice that can go from breathy to commanding.

9:30PM WHITE VIOLET facebook | website
This September, four-piece White Violet returned with their sophomore effort Stay Lost; a more upbeat sequel to the band’s dreamy and dark debut Hiding, Mingling. The eleven new songs find a finely honed, battle-worn lineup collectively exploring the wide-open soundscapes that one belonged to Nelson alone. More upbeat, the album soars aloft ethereal guitars, airtight melodies, and eccentric and galvanizing rhythms.

10:15PM FLOATING ACTION facebook | website
“Like fellow lo-fi popsmiths Dr. Dog (labelmates) and The Love Language (fellow Tar Heels), Floating Action honors the traditional pop and rock influences: Beatles, Stones, Phil Spector, et al. But Floating Action doesn’t stop there; the Asheville band draws from a much deeper well. Here the deep grooves and gospel influence of Stax soul bleed into Eastern-inspired psych rock and spaced-out dub. Floating Action might well be North Carolina’s most underrated band.”

11PM DEGA facebook
DEGA was formed in 2013 by singer/songwriter husband and wife duo Aslyn and Kalen Nash.

11:45PM ANTHONY D’AMATO facebook | website
Anthony D’Amato first came to national attention with 2010’s ‘Down Wires,’ which earned praise everywhere from NPR and The New York Times to Paste and American Songwriter. He followed it up with ‘Paper Back Bones,’ which BBC Scotland named one of the Best Americana Albums of 2012. In 2013, D’Amato signed with New West Records to record his studio/label debut, ‘The Shipwreck From The Shore’ with members of Bon Iver and Megafaun.