Hakim, Krar Collective

Due to unanticipated travel issues, Algerian rocker Rachid Taha is no longer able to perform on July 15.

The Egyptian superstar HAKIM “has a powerful voice that manages to be both rich and raw at the same time.” (AllMusic) He plays the music of the masses – his signature brand of Sha’bi, danceable pop that grew out of Egyptian traditional music and incorporates urban beats and soaring vocals, gives voice to the loves, romances, joys, and dreams of the people. “The Lion of Egypt” has recorded with the likes of James Brown and Stevie Wonder, plays to tens of the thousands of fans in the Middle East and around the globe, and in 2006 was the first artist from the Arab world to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. His classic live album The Lion Roars: Live in America, was recorded in 2000 in Brooklyn.

The colorful feast of mind-blowing grooves served up by KRAR COLLECTIVE—and the massive sound they make as a trio, based around the traditional krar harp, percussion, and soaring vocal harmonies—has earned them the nickname “The Ethiopian White Stripes.” Based on London, they’re sending shock waves through the world music scene.