Pompeya, Wet Leather, Ron Gallo, Multimagic, Caged Animals, Henry Hall, Rosy Street, Captain Baby

October 13, 2015 | 12:30 pm | Broadway & Liberty Street | New York, NY | 21+ | FREE!  
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Siren Sounds + Donyc CMJ Showcase

POMPEYA – (Set time: 6:00 PM)

Pompeya is a Moscow band that creates unabashed Pop and New Wave music. Their debut “Tropical” and follow up “Foursome” earned the band significant popularity in their home country, “energetically introducing Moscow’s youth to electronic indie culture” remarks Los Angeles radio station KCRW. The two releases were reissued in November 2013 by No Shame, alongside with a remix LP.

The group released their “Night EP” in June 2014. Co-Produced by Brian Mctear (Local Natives, War on Drugs, Twin Sister), Spin Magazine remarks the work “add[s] a mellow freshness to Pompeya’s brand of upbeat, frisky disco.” The success of this creative marriage led to the two collaborating on the band’s newest LP. Together with David Harley (War on Drugs, Nightlands), “Real” builds upon Pompeya’s foundation of pop with more diverse arrangements, instrumentation and spectrum of tone.

WET LEATHER – (Set time: 5:15 PM)

Formed in 2014, their initial DIY bedroom recordings offer big, generous pop hooks and dork-funk grooves with a homespun aesthetic. Live, the band shrugs off lo-fi charm in favor of loud, frenetic energy. Impassioned, frantic vocals slip without warning into silky falsetto, post-punk guitars scratch and wail, big 80’s synth lines will stick in your craw, and thumping bass grooves with pummeling drums provoke involuntary dancing. Their upcoming full-length captures that sound and reckless energy.

“Grab your dancing shoes because NYC’s self-described “anxiety pop” group, Wet Leather, will get you on your feet and on the dancefloor. Their latest single, “Secret Preference,” is an undeniably catchy track that combines the cold and calculated sound of a drum machine with the visceral grooves of heavy bass lines and a willing falsetto…a serious jam that’s breezy enough to fit into your essential summer playlist.”

RON GALLO – (Set time: 4:30 PM)

“Ron Gallo is a Jersey-born, Kentucky-raised, Philly-residing, relentlessly driven, soulful goofball. He has been traveling the country, playing music both solo and with his rock n’ roll band, Toy Soldiers since he graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in “Magic, Metaphysical Sciences and Communications,” minoring in “Perpetual Creative Writing”. His mantra goes, “A song a day keeps the madness away” and he has embraced that through his often lighthearted and equally powerful songs of love, self and social commentary and tall tales. He found his singing voice — described as, “unique and powerful… ‘otherworldly’” — in a basement in 2007 while recording the first vocal take for “Throw Me Down”, an unfettered blues song that birthed the band and Gallo’s pursuit. He is currently working on his first solo album in Philadelphia with producer, fellow musician & good friend Reed Kendall, to be released in 2014.”
-K. Shay

MULTIMAGIC – (Set time: 3:45 PM)

MULTIMAGIC is an American indie dream-pop band from Cincinnati, OH formed in 2014 by singer/guitarist Coran Stetter and keyboardist Brian Davis. Now joined by drummer Sebastien Schultz (Bad Veins), singer/guitarist Benjamin Hines (Young Colt) and singer/bassist Mia Carruthers, the band is currently in the studio working on their debut record.

CAGED ANIMALS – (Set time: 3:00 PM)

Caged Animals is a lo-fi/synth-pop project of Vincent Cacchione, frontman of Soft Black.

vincent cacchione – voice
magali francoise – keys
talya rose cacchione – bass
patrick curry – drums
HENRY HALL – (Set time: 2:15 PM)
Henry Hall

ROSY STREET – (Set time: 1:45 PM)

Rosy Street are a New York group led by singer-songwriter Kyle Avallone, with Jon DeLorme on pedal-steel guitar & combo organ, Turner Stough on bass, and Alex Feldman on drums. Despite hailing from the big city, they eschew the buzz of the metropolis to mine an altogether more rootsy, twangy seam of music. The band are currently making their rounds about town with plans to tour and release an album later this year.

CAPTAIN BABY – (Set time: 1:00 PM)

Captain Baby are the self proclaimed premiere hindi halloween outfit in the whole of New York. Originally started in Nashville Tennessee, this foreign flavored group bounced around until winding up in NY doing janitorial work at a comedy theatre. You may have seen there guerilla advertising if you’ve been riding on the subways the last year. The group leaves large scale original paintings of zombie animals all over the subway systems for anyone to take.

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