Phony Ppl, Conya Doss

The video for Phony Ppl’s “Before You Get A Boyfriend” opens to these five friends from Crown Heights in a familiar pose: hanging out on the front stoop of a Brooklyn brownstone. Singer Elbee Thrie’s warm vocals blend with laid-back grooves to showcase this young band’s affection for bossa nova, classic hip-hop, and 90s rap. Since the release of their album Yesterday’s Tomorrow in 2015—highlighted by Rolling Stone after a rock critic saw the group performing in a subway station—Phony Ppl has performed with Erykah Badu, Fetty Wap, and the Roots. They are joined on the MetroTech stage with an opening performance by indie soul singer Conya Doss, whose smooth, soaring vocals have won her a dedicated following even without the support of a major record label.