Outside (In)dia: Martha Redbone

Appalachian and Native American song is at the root of American music. Today, their song and struggle is particularly relevant and Martha Redbone is a clear and beautiful voice that represents these deep musical traditions. Her music flows equally from her own unique, award-winning blend of Native American elements with funk and her deep roots in Appalachian folk and Piedmont blues favored by the matriarchy that raised her on a rich sojourn from Clinch Mountain, Virginia, to Harlan County, Kentucky, and beyond to Brooklyn’s Dodge City-esque mean streets.


Tonight, Martha’s ensemble joins with Brooklyn Raga Massive’s community of Indian music–inspired artists to highlight both the roots and contemporary interpretations of these traditions. Stick around for a post-concert social hour featuring DJ Shishi.


With Martha Redbone, vocals; Aaron Whitby, keyboards and piano; Marvin Sewell, guitar; Charlie Burnham, violin; Tony Mason, drums; Fred Cash, bass; Sameer Gupta, tabla; Pawan Benjamin, bansuri; Neel Murgai, sitar

Special guests Soni Moreno, vocals; Michael Gam, sarod and percussion




About the Series

Outside (In)dia is a four-part concert series produced by The India Center Foundation and curated by Brooklyn Raga Massive that pushes the boundaries and conceptions of Indian classical music. With commissions of new works bringing raga into play with musical traditions spanning Cuba to Iraq, the series will position Indian classical music as a space for inclusion, collaboration, and conversation in a revolutionary new way.


Presented in collaboration with The India Center Foundation and Brooklyn Raga Massive