Nação Zumbi, Nation Beat’s Carnival Caravan feat. Cha Wa, DJ sets by Vinil Pompéia

In association with Brasil Summerfest

Nação Zumbi
Twenty years ago, one of the most important groups in Brazil launched its first record, Da Lama ao Caos. The debut album by Chico Science & Nação Zumbi was a milestone for a group of friends, that by creating a scene, started a movement that ultimately destabilized the axis of  musical production in Brazil. Their second album, Afrociberdelia, was launched in June 1996, but in less than a year, the band – and the world – would lose  their front man Chico Science. Despite the huge blow, it wasn’t the end. Nação Zumbi reestablished itself and ever since has reinvented themselves year after year, and album after album. Having released six studio albums, Nação Zumbi brings manguebeat to life, and continues to be one of the most influential and respected Brazilian music bands today.

Nation Beat’s Carnival Caravan feat. Cha Wa
Carnival Caravan is a new collaborative touring concept featuring Brazilan-American group Nation Beat and New Orleans band Cha Wa. The goal? To incorporate Brazilian, New Orleans and related music, dance and art into a show that explores the cultural exchange between North and South America. Nation Beat’s Scott Kettner and Cha Wa’s Joe Gelini met in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day in front of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux’s house awaiting the Golden Eagle Tribe. As Scott & Joe paraded with the Golden Eagles to the legendary corner of Second & Dryades they began a musical dialogue that became the inspiration for this musical collaboration. Its no surprise that even though they were playing instruments & rhythms from separate continents, the message was the same. It became clear there was a musical & cultural connection that was understood without words.

Vinil Pompéia
Do you remember when, back in the days, friends used to get together around record players to listen to new music releases and enjoy the deep sounds coming out of the vinyl? For most people this is the past, but not for the popular radio show, “Vinil Pompéia”. Featuring Chiquitito Corazon, Brig82 and Camilo Fyahman, the vinyl only radio show, aims to bring back the ritual of playing vinyl. “Vinil Pompéia”  brings a diverse musical selection and precious tips about the record culture through the hosts and many special guests. The show proved to be so popular on the air, that it has come out of the virtual world and onto the dance floor. The “Vinil Pompéia” team travels around Brazil playing parties with the quality at the edge of the needle, as people say. Whether in the virtual or real world, “Vinil Pompéia” is becoming an oasis for vinyl lovers and everyone who appreciates good music.