Meet the Artist Saturday The Funny Bones Mime Trio: “The History of Modern Mime”

David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, Frieda and Roy Furman Stage

The Funny Bones Mime Trio presents a hilarious yet educational travelogue about how mime evolved into the modern form we know today. Join them on a journey that begins in Italy with commedia dell’arte mask theatre, then travels to France, where you’ll meet the creators of modern mime and discover the invisible world of silence. Arrive at last in the U.S. to experience mime as it’s performed today.

It’s often said that mime is theater’s oldest form. Modern mime—the art of Marcel Marceau—was created in the 1950s and still being developed today! The performance illustrates how mime not only reveals an invisible world, but can present an entire lifetime in a few minutes. Performers can transform from human to trees to birds and back again. Above all, you’ll experience the universality of this art form: how all ages and cultures can identify with the stories, the humor, and the beauty that only this art holds. Mime is truly the art of your imagination.

The Funny Bones Mime Trio is Gregg Goldston, Haruka Moriyama, and Joseph Herschel.