Jessica Brainstorm, Dominique Star, Sarah Goldfeather Band, Lady Moon and The Eclipse

4pm Kyle Sanna
solo set on guitar, synth, samples, voice

5pm Matt Kanelos
Songs, sounds, improvisation. Settled and unsettled
6pm Vic Thrill
7:20pm Jessica Brainstorm
Jessica Brainstorm is still in utero, but plans to induce early birthing with two back-to-back shows at Pete’s Candy Store (March 28th) and Shapeshifter Lab (March 29th). Brooklyn-based Sarah Small (Black Sea Hotel, Hydra, Tableau Vivant of The Delirium Constructions) and Toronto-based Dorian Wolf (Austra) explore electronic and vocal layerings, and dark thick harmonic experimentation with influences ranging from Balkan vocal tradition to contemporary dream pop. Think Medieval Renaissance meets Bjork meets NIN meets Massive Attack meets Reilly meets Les Mystere De Voix Bulgares meets Raffi’s Children’s Music meets classic rock+roll meets Primus meets who knows what else…
8pm Dominique Star
Dominique Star sounds like a Lisa Frank notebook that’s been left out in the rain. Equal parts dark pop and soul, her music has shine with a gritty undercurrent. She’s spent the last year honing her skills with her band in Brooklyn, where they have played various venues in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. Influences include St. Vincent, Fiona Apple, LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, the Strokes.
9pm Sarah Goldfeather Band
Sarah Goldfeather is a Minnesota-born, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and violinist, and the bandleader for her eponymous indie-folk band, the Sarah Goldfeather Band. A “young and multi-talented” (The ABCs of NYC) performer, with a “a sweet, bubbly stage presence” (Gili Malinsky, writer for the New York Times and Village Voice), Sarah’s music weaves unusual melodies into a lush bluegrass/folk backdrop.
10pm Lady Moon and The Eclipse
Lady Moon & The Eclipse is an afro-soul band based in Brooklyn NY, Lady Moon aka Ngonda Badila as Lead Singer and Songwriter represents the moon. The sun is the band: Arlen Hart on Keyboard, Jonathan Camuzo on Bass, Ken Reichl on The Drums, Aatifa Drayton, Ntangou Badila, and Nkoula Badila on Back up Vocals. As the moon comes in front of the sun the audience will be part of a special moment; an eclipse.
11pm TBA