Jellybean Benitez, DJ Street Tech, D-Train

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Jellybean Benitez
John Benitez aka Jellybean Benitez, is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter, DJ, and remixer, who DJ’d in some of the hottest disco night clubs in the 70’s & 80’s including the famed Studio 54. Benitez scored two 80’s US pop hits, and has produced and remixed artists such as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and the Pointer Sisters. Benitez continues to deejay globally, and is the Executive Producer of Studio 54 Radio, which is heard exclusively on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (Channel 54), and features 1classic dance from Jellybean’s personal collection and the vaults and collections of Studio 54 insiders.

DJ Street Tech
Staten Island Native DJ Street Tech  has been DJing since 1991-92. Inspired by legendary DJ’S like as Pete “DJ” Jones, DJ Hollywood, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Lord Yoda X, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Premier, Peter the Great (Techno DJ) & Bobby Konders, DJ Street Tech started as a freestyle/house DJ, before he started rockin hip hop and reggae. DJ Street Tech joined The Universal Zulu Nation in 1994, where he became as student of Afrika Bambaataa and has been rocking the decks ever since.