Harlem Meer Performance Festival: Willie Villegas y Entre Amigos

The 25th annual Harlem Meer Performance Festival brings the best local talent to Central Park! Enjoy a variety of performances featuring multi-cultural music and dance, family-friendly entertainment, and more while admiring the lakeside views.

Entre Amigos (Among Friends) are a two trombone-led salsa group based in Brooklyn and presided over by the formidable figure of Willie Villegas. In addition to co-leading Entre Amigos, playing timbales with the group, and producing their albums, Willie hosts the cable TV show Salsa En La Calle. No newcomer to the U.S. salsa scene, Willie has played with such luminaries as Joe Quijano, Joe Cuba, Eddie Palmieri, Frankie Ruiz, Lalo Rodríguez, Tito Puente, José Fajardo, and Paquito Guzmán.

Entre Amigos is an appropriate name for a group of talented Brooklyn-born musicians who complement each other with their versatile playing and energetic solos.

  • Johnson Morales: Pianist and co-leader who gives you an explosive style and originality beyond the normal realm.
  • Carlos Velasquez: Bassist who sets the foundation and anchors the groove.
  • Edwin Vega: Congas enhances the rhythm along with Pablito Bilbraut on bongos giving Entre Amigos that special nostalgic New York style.
  • Gamaliel Bonilla: Lead trombonist with a strong sound and bold solos, and also sings background vocals.
  • Jose Rivera: second trombonist and minor percussion adds flavor to a tee.
  • Frankie Otero: Lead vocals takes the challenge of singing with Entre Amigos knowing that at live performances he has to invent new lyrics on the spot.

All ages are welcome.