GZA in association with Lyricist Lounge 25th Anniversary Series

Staten Island’s own Wu-Tang Clan founding member dominates the mic with metaphors, science and word play


There is a science to GZA’s masterful wordplay – as in, he actually raps about science. One of the founding fathers of modern hip-hop, Gary Grice (aka GZA, aka The Genius) is an original member of the famed Wu-Tang Clan, the rap group of the ‘90s. The first to receive his own record deal, GZA forged ahead with his linguistic acrobatics on 1995’s Liquid Swords (produced by fellow Wu-Tanger, RZA). GZA has since released numerous critically and commercially successful albums. His talents also extend beyond the mic, as he’s appeared in several famous Dave Chappelle sketches, and lectured at such renowned universities as MIT, Harvard and Oxford. His massively extensive vocabulary and interest in biology, genetics and quantum physics are strikingly showcased in 2012’s Dark Matter, a metaphysical trek through the space/time continuum. Giving back to the community, GZA works in conjunction with educational groups to promulgate science ed. in NYC via hip-hop.