EL GOODO” #13 CMJ Showcase: Milk Dick, Left & Right, Parlour Walls, Cigarette Burns, NO ICE, Junk Boys, The Meaning Of Life, Oxen Free

12:20: My Teenage Stride
(Brooklyn indie power-pop legends)

11:40: Left & Right
(genuine, anthemic, bleeding heart indie punk rock n’ roll for the people out of Philly)

11:00: Parlor Walls
(experimental jazz total trash noir featuring Elyse from EULA, Chris from Shark? and avant sax killer Kate Mohanty)

10:20: JUNK BOYS
(bluesy, punk, rock n’ roll boy gang featuring band dudes from Organs,The Yin Yangs, Highway Gimps, The Men, Dream Police, MPHO, Bad Company, The Doobie Brothers)

9:40: Milk Dick
(funny, wiseass, cigarette smoking, beach bum garage punk)

9:00: NO ICE
(NYC romantic and vulnerable indie guitar power-pop explosion featuring members of The Brooklyn What and The Nuclears)

8: 20: The Meaning Of Life
(west coast inflected dreamy, ethereal, soulful alternative pop rock for lovers)

7:40 OxenFree
(he’s a little bit country, they’re a little bit rock n’ roll, we’re a little bit heartfelt folk punk indie pop hootenanny)

7:00 Slang King
(two badass ladies shred into outer space over heavy, experimental post-hardcore hard grooves)