Eclectic Sounds of LiberQuartet: Fusion of Classical, Jazz, & Latin Music

LiberQuartet is a group of musicians who come from different walks of life and musical backgrounds. This music is the expression of musicians’ diversified experiences, joined together in a unique way, combining elements from classical, jazz and Latin music. LiberQuartet features American violinist Julie Kurtzman, Brazilian pianist Helio Alves, Panamanian bassist Santi Debriano, and Panamanian percussionist Renato Thoms. This unique program includes works from Piazzola, Brazilian Choros and several giants of jazz compositions.

Juliet Kurtzman began playing the violin at age 7, and was quickly discovered as a child prodigy. At the age of ten, she began winning competitions, and soloing with orchestras such as the Houston and Dallas Symphonies. Throughout her youth, she performed extensively throughout the US in solo recitals and with orchestras. At age 17, she began her studies at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, with Jascha Brodsky. Shortly after, she made her Carnegie Hall debut.

After graduating from Curtis, Juliet moved to Europe, where she performed throughout Spain and Switzerland. For 8 years, she was first violin in the Luzern Symphony Orchestra, and played regularly with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.