Dogs On Acid

Dogs On Acid released their first songs in August of 2014, but the storied history of Peter Helmis, Nate Dionne, and Nick Tazza begins with their crossing paths in DIY. The careers of both of the certifiably beloved Algernon Cadwallader and Snowing not only saw the three touring together and releasing music on splits and compilations, but building the personal foundations of what is now a simultaneously sharp and effortlessly congruous union. Dogs On Acid are not the same story of guys from bands forming new ones for the sake of floating in the wake of past glory. They are three friends who have grown into adulthood together; friends who have seen beginnings and endings, performances thought only to exist in dreams, and the uncertainty and stress that often accompany the memories and spill into the next batch of songs.

The songs sound deceptively cheerful but are honest, introspective critical analyses of navigating the complications of time spent away from good company and staying solid through it all. Each song on their self-titled debut is the next in a series of pure 90’s rock anthems for driving with your hands, arms, and legs waving out of the window. “The record is mostly aimed at focusing on pain to get above it,” says Helmis “It’s not a sunny record by any means, but we’re rocking through it like we’ve got nothing to lose.”