DJ KS 360 & Full Circle Souljahs Presents: Behind The Groove with The Ladies of SKYY, Soul Connected, Raphael Xavier

DJ KS 360 & Full Circle Souljahs Presents: Behind The Groove / Soul Connected with special guests The Ladies of SKYY

The “Behind The Groove/Soul Connected” concert will showcase some of NYC’s legendary choreographers, dancers and performers to create an evening of soulful vibes moving seamlessly through genres such as African, Salsa, Funk, House and Hip Hop with a dance video montage and colorful backdrops transporting the crowd to a true park jam as they get out of their seats and “Behind The Groove”! Behind The Groove is a NYC City based non-top-40 dance event/party known for playing funky classics that provides the local and international dance community a place for social exchange — past, present and future! On the turntables will be “Behind the Groove” resident DJ’s KS 360 and DP One, hosted by La Roka with featured Recording artists The Legendary Ladies of Skyy performing their classic dance hits, “Here’s to You,” “Call Me” and “Let’s Celebrate.”

Raphael Xavier

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Raphael Xavier is an award winning artist based in Philadelphia. A self taught Hip Hop dancer and Breaking practitioner since 1983, Raphael has forged an exceptional approach to improvisation. As an Innovative Movement Conceptualist, he creates new ways to expand the vocabulary of the dance form. He not only draws from the culture, but also from his visual background as a Hip Hop magazine photographer and musical artist.Point of Interest is Raphael’s new piece that challenges the art form of Breaking and the viewer’s perspective of hip hop. Xavier explores the notion of sustainability within Breaking – something that is extremely important to him, yet missing from the form. As a movement practitioner who has been breaking for 32 years, he would like to be an example for intelligent and consistent practice in this highly physical dance form that is culturally and societally associated with youth.