Chelsea Reject, Twelve45, Kait Browne, Nappy Nina, Mursi Layne

Chelsea Reject

Chelsea Reject is a 22‐year old MC from Brooklyn, NY by way of St. Lucia. She’s

recently released her new album #CMPLX which features new songs with Kirk

Knight, CJ Fly, Nyck Caution and more. In the past year she has performed on several

tours including the Smoker’s Club tour with Method Man & Redman, as well as with

Mick Jenkins and Kirk Knight of Pro Era. Her new video for “Closer” is out now.

Mursi Layne

“My DJ sets are like a melting pot! I can go anywhere from cunty beats like MikeQ-produced tracks to Stuttastep tunes such as DJ Kiva’s remix of Erykah Badu’s Out My Mind, Just in Time.” – Mursi (Ace hotel interview).